Help me make pasta.

It's about time that I made my first batch of homemade pasta. I've made gnocchi before and it went quite well, so I'm ready to move on to more serious endeavors. That and my boyfriend and I are doing the whole crappy long distance thing and whenever I see him I try to wow him with my kitchen skills. If I can make decent homemade pasta (pasta being his favorite food), I think I will be one step closer to getting him to grow up and move in with me ... but that's another story.

So, I don't have a stand mixer and I don't have one of those fancy pasta roller things that thins out the pasta with each crank. I do have my hands, a food processor and a basic pasta dough recipe. I want to make butternut squash ravioli. I have the stuffing mixture in mind, I just need some tips from any Serious Eaters who've done homemade pasta before.

Please offer me advice, recommendations and well wishes because I have the distinct feeling that I'm really going to f$&* this up.

Thanks in advance.


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