Help Me Hollow Out Some Limes, Please!!

For a staff party this summer, I made orange slice jello shots, mentioned in an SE thread, I can't find which one. Basically you hollow out orange halves, use them as jello molds, then when they set, slice the oranges so they look like orange get the idea.

They were a total hit, and I've been asked to make them again for this Friday's holiday party. So I thought I'd make more festive ones: strawberry jello in lime rinds. I've sliced the limes lengthwise, juiced them, and I figured I'd hollow them out with a melon baller. It's not working!! I think the skin is too thin and it's not hollowing as easily as the oranges did.

Any suggestions, please?! I've got to make these tonight as I won't get home til midnight tomorrow...I currently have a dozen juiced lime halves sitting on my counter and no way to effectively hollow them!! I was thinking maybe boiling..would that loosen the skin or just make them soggy?


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