help me decide on a dutch oven?

I'm now trying to decide between the emeril dutch oven and the Staub dutch oven. Both have basting spikes and ovenproof, non-plastic handles (two things I've decided are a must, and something Tramontino and Le Creuset don't have from what I've seen).

The Emeril is enamel, and looks pretty nice, for half the price of the Staub. But the Staub doesn't have that smooth white enamel, is a little pricy, but has excellent guarantees. The people in the upscale cooking store where I live said that Staub customer service is unbeatable. They even assured me that if I, as I proposed, took a Staub dutch oven camping (set in coals, covered in coals), and something happened to it, they would fix/replace it with no trouble.

And then there's always lodge ... so what do you guys think about enamel? It's the one cooking surface I've never used so I'm looking for some feedback on it.



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