Flan cake? If you know what it is do you have a recipe?

Last weekend we had this piece of cake that was flan but with cake. Had a crust like smearcase/Baltimore style cheesecake/gooey buttercake and the body of it was flan, nice solid (not watery or syrupy) brown rum/sugar top just baked on. It all sat in harmony no real seperation and it was room temperature. Well I have to make this thing. First I thought it was tres leches but realized after picking at my leftover cake it was flan cake. Color me surprised! Who knows how to make this and why have I not heard about it before. Share the cake people. This is not just flan! Flan I know on sight. It is a solid baked custard (no weeping, no water, no syrup) with a cakey bottom.


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