Electric knives: Do you use them? And if so, for what?

My grandfather loved to carve the Christmas ham with an electric knife, but always had carving knife on hand for times when something a little more dexterous was required. My mom always pulls hers out to carve roasts, turkeys, and ham. She also uses it for crusty Italian bread. A few years back, she gave me one for Christmas. I've used it once or twice on some nice crusty bread when she's been around and asked if I've used the knife at all. Otherwise it's been in its box in the cabinet over the fridge that's a pain in the rear to get to. I'm surprized my husband hasn't hijacked it for some weird task in his workshop--he loves power tools of any kind. So do you use an electric knife or do you prefer your regular knives? If you do use one, for what tasks?

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