Dressing ideas for broccoli salad?

I'm going to host a big Hanukkah dinner tomorrow, and since I have plenty of broccoli in my fridge, I was thinking of making something different with it. So I decided to make a broccoli salad - for now, I'm thinking it will consist of:

* broccoli florets (blanched) * thinly sliced red onions * (halved?) cherry tomatoes * kalamata olives * slivered almonds or sunflower seeds (I have plenty of both left from my almost-finished baking marathon) * possibly, crumbled bacon?

Do I need anything else there? I thought of feta, but it's out of the question since OH is lactose intolerant. But more importantly, I've been thinking of a dressing to tie it all together and here's where I hit the wall. All I can think of is simple olive oil/lemon juice dressing with garlic and parsley. My brain (or what's left of it) completely refuses to cooperate with me on this (possibly detesting lack of sleep and food I've been putting it through lately), and I'm not sure what to do. I have a huge arsenal of vinegars and oils, fresh herbs are not a problem. Do you have any ideas?


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