Confession: I am a mustard junkie. What are you addicted to?

Today I couldn't wait to open the jar of blue cheese dijon mustard that I found yesterday at Wegmans. I mean I was really excited. So I made myself a chicken sandwich with it at 9:30 this morning. It was awesome. But when I went to put it away I found there wasn't room in the fridge door. That meant it had to go on a shelf--where it drew my husband's attention. He was astounded. "You have mustard OCD! Aren't the two shelves in the door enough for all your mustards?" Quite frankly two shelves won't do it. So I guess I must admit I have a problem. It' just that I love all the different varieties out there. Horseradish mustard, peppadew mustard, spicy brown, school bus yellow, honey, dill and the list could go on. One of my favorites is a Jalapeno mustard named Scorned Woman--what a great name! So what gets you off? What do you compulsively have to buy and try?


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