Commercial-style residential stoves: how hot is too hot?

My mother purchased a high end "pro-style" stove for our family vacation home. Ever since we've had it, the front of the thing (including the knobs and all around the top of the oven door) gets really hot, too hot to touch. At first we thought something was faulty with the door. After months and months, the company has:

1. Given us new knobs, which also get crazy hot. 2. Sent a new door, because they changed the design a bit due to customer feedback.

And it still gets hot, as high as 150° (repairman took measurements for us) in places. The company says this is within standard range and this is "commercial nature" of stove. But I've never had a residential stove get anywhere close to this hot.

We're trying to return it but they're giving us a hard time because it's within "standards". I have a 17 month old son, seems way too hot to me! I mean after it's been on for an hour, I can't even touch the knobs.

I am wondering: does anyone have any experience like this? Does your pro-style (like Wolf or Viking) range get this hot? Have you ever seen any standards for this -- I can't seem to find anything online. TIA.


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