Coffee with Something Added: Way or No Way?

I've noticed a lot of people who start out drinking coffee with cream and/or sugar gradually work themselves "down", so to speak, to just drinking it black. Did you always drink it black?

I like cream and sugar, so I only drink a cup a day, unless I'm dining with friends and have a cup after dinner.

Occasionally, I like to add a bit of hot chocolate in the evening. On other special occasions, a little kick from Bailey's, or another after dinner drink or liqueur/liquor are great in coffee. Irish Coffee? Oh, yes please!!!!

If you don't ever drink coffee, let us know. If you like anything in your coffee, tell us what it is. If you are a purist and only drink it black, you are a definite NO WAY.

I'm a WAY. Cream, sugar, chocolate and booze are tasty in coffee.


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