Chocolate biscotti - need a substitute nut

I was thinking about making the chocolate hazelnut biscotti that was a recent SE recipe, but when I went to the store for provisions, there were no hazelnuts. None. Not in the produce section, the baking section, or the snack section. Plenty of other nuts in all three locations, but no hazlenuts.

And I was kind of jonesing for hazelnuts, so I'm having a hard time getting them out of my mind.

Tomorrow, I'd check out another store or two, but if all the hazelnuts have fled this area, what other nut would seem to make the best substitution? I've got pistachios, walnuts, pecans, and cashews on hand. Some sliced almonds, too, but I could buy whole almonds (including Marconis), macadamias, or peanuts just about anywhere.

So, what other nut do you think would work best, do you think? If it's one of the ones I have on hand, it would make my day a little easier, but I'll probably be out anyway, so a grocery excursion isn't entirely out of the question.


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