"You made WHAT?"

That's the response I got from my hubby on Tuesday night when I told him what I had made for dinner. What illicited this incredulous response? Salisbury Steak. Yes. I admit it. I actually produced this gastronomic anomaly in my kitchen, and served it to my family. On purpose. Allow me to purge my soul: We are on a tight budget. Very tight. I'm trying to utilize all leftovers, and still make healthy and tasty meals for my family. We get tired of the same old things, day in and day out. I'm trying to shake things up a bit...get creative...even if it means treading on culinary ground a bit shaky. I made a WONDERFUL French Onion Soup the other night. Family loved it! I had leftovers. And some ground beef. Instead of plain old burgers (for which I would have had to get buns and french fries...) or the usual ground meat and tomato mixture over rice or pasta...I decided to try a recipe that had been calling my name. One for good old fashioned Salisbury Steak served with French Onion Soup Gravy. I made the "steaks" with fresh parsley and garlic, and seared them well in a pan. With the drippings I made a roux and added my leftover soup...which formed a delicious flavorful gravy. I served it with cheesy garlic bread and we sprinkled parm cheese over top. It was not the Salisbury Steak of my public elementary school youth. It was flavorful, fresh, yummy and impressive looking. My kids devoured and despite his initial misgivings, my husband declared after wiping the last morsel from his mouth, "Wow. That was surprisingly good! Do we have leftovers?" I daresay I was almost embarassed to admit I had attempted to make a TV dinner-type food...one that has had such a "bad rap"...but I was really surprised with the results, and I definitely will be making it again. Tell us Fellow SE foodies....admit...confess....purge your souls....what meal do you regularly make your family that "gourmands" may scoff and turn their noses up at? We're all family here....


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