Turkey Giblets

Do you cook the neck, heart, gizzard and liver, or throw them out?

How do you cook them, use them, eat them. I know some snack on them while cooking dinner, others add them to gravy and/or dressing. Do you brown them first, add anything to them? Do you add them to the pan with the turkey or cook them in liquid on the stove?

I brown and saute the neck, heart and gizzard with celery and onion (tried garlic and didn't like it) and add spices like poultry seasoning, sage, thyme and then add either water or stock (if I have it) and simmer for about half an hour, leave covered and on lowest setting until I'm ready for it. I then add the stock to my gravy. As much as I love chicken liver, I've never even tried turkey liver - because my mother said it tasted too strong and I cook her way. I throw it out (used to cook it for my dog). She did dice up the rest of the meat and added it to the gravy and dressing. I like my gravy smooth and only use the giblets for flavor. If somebody has a dog, I give them the meat. otherwise I toss them.

How do you handle giblets (so to speak)?


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