Truth or Manners?

My sister-in-law asked me to bring two desserts to the family Thanksgiving, which is at her house. (She is a very busy professional lady so her sister, mother, aunts, cousins and I all pitch in and bring dishes from home).

I emailed and asked her if a store-bought cake and a home-made fruit saladf would be nice. She emailed back and said thanks anayway but she really anted a store-bought chocolate cake and a store-bought mandelbrot. (Kind of like Jewish biscotti).

On the one hand, I'm glad to know what she really wants and what would be most useful at the dinner, but, on the other hand, doesn't the hostess kind of have to put up with whatever anyone is kind enough to bring?

In my family of origin, no one was crazy about Aunt Zelda's quinona (sp?), but it arrived every year rain or shine and we all thanked Auntie and took two spoonfuls of it to bury under the mashed potatoes.

Which is more important--Truth or Manners?


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