Today's hot foods: Fads or Classics?

You know how it is -- we talk about foods that defined the generations. Like green bean casseroles or jello molds. And then there are some that are still favorites today, like chocolate chip cookies.

And it's the same with food products. I was browsing through an old cookbook and I ran across ingredients that I'd never heard of. One was some kind of pickled product, and the book said it was readily available in stores. Apparently, that item has fallen out of fashion entirely.

We still make some of the old dishes, but when we do, we know they're "retro" and not part of our normal routine.

So, what trendy foods today do you think will stand the test of time, and which ones will fade away and become the things the next generation chuckles over?

For instance, will arugula still be as popular? Will salted caramel fade from memory? Will bacon desserts be the things the next generation laughs at?

And what about gadgets? Chocolate fountain, anyone?

So whaddaya think? Which are fads, and which will last?


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