Thanksgiving disasters (funny only in hindsight)

Just moments before guests arrive..... **The recipe says to blend the gravy so I put it in the food processor and it leaks through allover the counter down the cabinets and onto the floor and its HOT! So I scream to my husband to grab the blender and turn the whole leaking food processor (still attached to the base and plugged in) upside down and pour the gravy in the blender. We clean up the mess. **Then I turn the blender on and that's right, its too full and spills out allover the place. That's where I say F-it and pull out the strainer. Who needs neck meat and onions anyway? **I get back to the stove and realize i was supposed to use the same pan but already dumped it and had no butter mixture to pour my flour into (clocks ticking) so I grab a lump of butter and melt it in a new pan, add the flour and its really dry so I dump some canola oil into it (saw Rachael Ray do that once). It turned out okay. And nobody knew it happened. **They also missed me carving (read butchering) the turkey. I have watched many videos, had a chef personally show me me how, had my knives professionally sharpened and can't seem to carve a turkey to save my life! The breasts are okay but the limbs never behave like they do in the videos and the meat ends up in shreds. ( I HAVE to do this before guests arrive) I put it on a platter nicely arranged with pretty kale and sage leaves and it tasted great (thanks to Alton Brown) **I also baked Brie in a ramekin (bought a wedge instead of a round by mistake) and topped it with cranberry sauce. I guess the cold sauce cooled the brie and it was very rubbery. There were other cheeses, crackers, apples, grapes, spiced nuts, olives etc so it was okay. **I also made enough food to feed an army. I put the food on big platters and I think they were to big and too heavy to pass around the table. **Today I'm realizing that i left out saltine crackers from the Paula Deen cornbread stuffing recipe I made. Oops. **Next year the plan is to simplify!


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