Thankgiving dinner for 2: How much scratch are we talking?

My girlfriend and I are doing Thanksgiving solo this year, and times are a bit tight. We've been saving up a bit for the holiday, and we want to do a traditional Thanksgiving, but I have no idea how much it will cost. Can you help me with some figures?

So, a turkey, 8-10lbs for two people, right? What's that going to coast me-- $20 or more? Any tips on how to get the most out of a turkey for the cash?

Stuffing and Mashed Potatoes- those are pretty simple, and can be made for around $15, right?

What "special" utensils are absolutely necessary? Do I need a baster, or one of those long forks to use to cut the turkey, or are there ways around it?

Do you guys have any money saving tips?



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