Stuffing/Dressing Panic!

Okay, so maybe it's not that BIG a crisis but I need some assistance in putting together a killer dish of dressing.

It's my first Thanksgiving away from my family because I'm going to be spending it with my OH and his parents. Somehow I landed the job of making a more "exotic" dressing to go with his mother's traditional bread mix with mire poix and chicken broth. While I'm not going too far off the beaten path (I don't want a big lonely pile of wildly flavored dressing left over) I am trying two combine two recipes to maximize flavor potential. I just don't know if I'm going too far with it.

I have the seriouseats cornbread dressing with bacon and pecan which I love for the mixture of bread, bacon and nuts...and again, the bacon. But I wanted more, so I thought it'd be good to try and modify it using a recipe from epicurious: sausage cranberry and pecan stuffing.

Now the big issue is how all these flavors (Cornbread, regular bread, sage, thyme, cranberries, apples, sausage, bacon, pecans) go together? I think that they'd be amazing and tasty, but the bacon might be the odd man out. Should I omit it? If I keep it should I use hickory, maple, applewood smoked? Regular? Is this whole endeavor just too much in terms of ingredients?

I already drove my OH crazy by asking if we could try it out this weekend. I don't think he fully appreciates the importance of stuffing (He thinks I'm barbaric for advocating in-the-bird-cooking process) so I would love if I could get some advice. Thanks!


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