Lost Recipe for Almond (or Butter) Crescent cookies

I hope someone can help! I had this Butter Crescent cookie recipe I made every Christmas, but lost the recipe when I moved. I got it from a magazine (Good Houskeeping or Better Holmes, maybe) but it was a rectangular heavy paper insert that you detached from the magazine. The entire pull out was narrow and rectangular and contained I believe 3 other recipes. I think it was put out by Land O Lakes or Kellers (definately a brand-name recipe collection), because in each recipe, butter was a star ingredient. All I remember was that the dough required ground blanched almonds and 1 c of butter. I cant remember how much flour, etc and I dont think there was vanilla. You would chill the dough, shape pieces into crescents and roll in cinnamon and sugar when baked. I have looked at several "crescent" recipes, but they arent quite right. I make at least 10-12 kinds of cookies at Christmas which is why I hadnt commited this one to memory...I wish I had!! They were sooooo delicious. Does anyone know this one??


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