La Nacional in threat of being closed?

I just received this email. Might you want to do an article on this?

Hi Friends:

As some of you may already know, I have been very involved with a group of volunteers that is trying desperately to save a New York institution. It is the Spanish Benevolent Society - "La Nacional" - located in an elegant brownstone on 14th street in the West Village. Founded in 1868, people from Picasso to Garcia Lorca to JFK have passed through its doors. Recently however it has fallen on hard times which threaten its very existence.

So we are throwing a few fiestas to raise donations. The main one is a "Taste of Spain" party on Thursday the 4th of December - starting around 7:00. For a small $50 donation, you will be treated to endless tapas, sangria and what New York Magazine recently proclaimed the "best paella in New York.

If you can make it please go to to prepay with a credit card (or of course you can always pay at the door as well). Or even if you can’t make it but want to make a donation of any amount please go to that website - any help is very much appreciated.

If we are able to save the Society, we plan to convert the building into one of NYC's great cultural spots - with a new culinary institute, a rooftop film theater and an art expo space. We would love to bring in new members as well so that all could always enjoy the good company, food and culture so please come by for more info.

Let me know if you plan to come and I will reserve a spot for you. Come with whomever you like and as many as you’d like. So please – SPREAD THE WORD!

Thanks everyone, I really appreciate it.


PS: La Nacional is located at 239 West 14th Street - between 7th and 8th Avenues

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