Kitchen Duty: My most dreaded and detested task is _____.

I’ve known people who insist that they adore everything about cooking and working in their kitchens. They have adamantly denied having a single thing they hated doing in their kitchens. But, a little probing and prompting has never failed to reveal at least one task which, for that person, was a genuine chore. It seems to be a very personal thing, and does not necessarily have any real rhyme or reason.

It might be the stereotypical oven cleaning. Or, the equally cliché scrubbing of crusty pots and pans. I’ve even heard much grumbling and groaning over something as seemingly innocuous as emptying the dishwasher. Every. Single. Day.

Sometimes it even involves food prep. Many, many passionately devoted cooks will admit they despise chopping garlic or onions. A surprising number of people find it revolting to handle raw poultry. Even something as simple as shredding cheese with a box grater is not off limits.

So let’s hear it Serious Eaters. Get it off your chest. Reveal you deep, dark kitchen nightmares here. You may or may not find out others share your secret, but you’re sure to be amused and entertained by the *silly* things other people hate doing.


p.s., here's a shout out to JEP!


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