How long does it take for you to prepare a Thanksgiving dinner?

Growing up, we always went out to eat on Thanksgiving. My mother hated to cook, and our family isn't huge, plus there used to be a great local restaurant called Squire's Pub with huge, classic portions of American food. Occasionally we would go to an Italian place called the West End Manner. My mom loved their Bloody Marys ;)

So now my mom has passed, I go to my dad's and I am not allowed to bring food into my stepmother's house. Literally, she throws it out as soon as I have my back turned. So Thanksgiving for me has seldom involved cooking.

I am in awe, though, of you all who prepare the whole feasts yourselves!

It sounds like so much work, for those who cook most of the sides and main course, as well as do apps and desserts.

So I'm just curious, for a 'non Thanksgiving-er'--how long does the whole thing taste--cooking-wise, and also shopping, planning, and so forth.

Some of you sound like great eXtreme Thanksgiving people, like it's practically a sport to make so much food--I probably will never host a Thanksgiving but would love to get an idea of how to better prep for big parties and so forth!


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