Happy Thanksgiving Serious Eaters!

I just wanted to take a minute out of my Thanksgiving Eve festivities to wish each and everyone here on Serious Eats a Very Happy Thanksgiving.

Enjoy your family and friends. Savor the fruits of your labor in the kitchen. And, please don't sweat the small stuff!

I have had the most delightful experience on this site the past several months and I do feel like I know many of you through the words you post here.

So, I raise my glass (a delightful Logan Chardonnay) to you all and offer you this toast;

"To everyone out there to who takes the time to reach out and connect with others during this time; to those who choose to commemorate our human bonds in any way, their own way, at this time; to those who use food as the great equalizer ("never mind politics, have you tried this pie?"); to those who have much to grouse about, but choose not to, and to those who work their asses off making sure others feel a belonging that, really, is already there. Happy Thanksgiving!" *glasses clink here*


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