Brining & The Fresh Turkey

I tried to Google this but everything just made me more miserable. I bought a fresh, un-brined turkey today from Trader Joe's. (They were next to the brined turkeys, so it's safe to assume it's NOT brined, right?) It says kosher but everything I read online says kosher turkeys are ALREADY BRINED. In addition to that, did I buy my turkey too early? I don't have time to buy one closer to the day and I don't want a frozen one (and don't have room to freeze the turkey I just bought). It says "SELL BY NOV 30" on it so popping it in my fridge should be ok- RIGHT??? Also, how early is too early to start brining? I was going to brine it Weds-night-ish but now people are telling me bc I bought my bird so early, I should brine it earlier to "preserve" it... HELP!!!


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