Bloggers -- and Blog Readers -- are Sheep

Okay, gotta vent. The whole, "I love/hate Thanksgiving" has been beaten to death. As have been, "What did you have for leftovers, the morning after, how do you serve turkey soup, what are you craving now, how much do you hate your relatives, what sort of bowel movements do you have after certain TG foods, what was the worst food you ate, the worst food you were served?," ad infinitum.

Enough. For those of you who hated TG, please stop. For those TG lovers with leftovers, again, please stop.

But more broadly, can we please dispense with the predictable food themes overall? Seriously, Fall used to be my favorite season until I began seeing the same shit popping up over and over: Butternut squash in any form Yams/sweet potatoes Pumpkin whatever How hard I freakin' worked on Thanksgiving Cranberries

Now, I'm dreading December through April, which will roughly look like: Way too many cookies Too much baking shit overall Ham Chili and Super Bowl foods, including Buffalo Wings Red-colored and heart-shaped stuff Corned beef Green anything

To be followed by May through July: Yay us! Break out the grill! Asparagus Gardening Hot dogs Salads

And then the filler, before we come back to "butternut squash" again -- in August and September: Tomatoes Corn What am I gonna do with all the great shit my garden has yielded? I was a great neighbor and gave stuff away. . . I have a great neighborhood and got stuff given away to me, and here's the creative crap I did with it. . .

Food bloggers and sites are making this world a little boring.

Anyone have any advice to counterract the lemmings?

My point overall? Tons of people hate the TG holiday, but get sucked down that tunnel regardless. But the tunnel happens over and over, all year long.

It's topical, sure. It's local and it's seasonal, yeah. And it's all pretty f-ing boring.

Are we sheep? If so, why? If you're tired of it too, what will you do to change things?

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