Are you an 'everything but the bird' or a 'turkey' person?

I have a theory about Thanksgiving: there are 'sides/dessert' people, and 'turkey' people.

I have always been a 'sides' person. I never liked turkey, even to the point I didn't understand why people had a preference for white or dark meat, because it was both, well, turkey. The only turkey I liked were the turkey-shaped chocolate lollypops given out to the kids at the end of the meal by my family's favorite restaurant on Thanksgiving (where I would rarely order turkey, and if I did, just eat the stuffing and annoy my mother)!

I love (vegetarian) stuffing (aka 'dressing), corn bread, roasted green beans, and pumpkin pie. I've never quite understood the tragic tales of people whose bird got ruined, and had to eat all of the sides and no main. And even some of my non-veg friends don't like turkey and much prefer the beef or pork based stuff served around the bird.

Some people I know in contrast, see everything as a showcase to the bird and are obsessed with finding the juiciest, best bird and the best way to roast/fry/rotisserie it to perfection.

So are you a 'bird' person, or an 'everything but the bird' person?


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