Are you a tyrant or a democrat in your kitchen?

*Disclaimer: despite the title, this post is not related to politics in any way whatsoever - other than the kitchen politics, that is.

As I was replying to Heart's question about Thanksgiving prep, it occurred to me that I don't really like people in my kitchen. It's not that I want my kitchen completely devoid of any human contact, no. For instance, we have an open floor plan, so I often have my OH kind of around when I cook, as he may be in the lounge or the dining room. I don't mind talking to him, but I don't really want him (or anybody else, for that matter) underfoot. So yes, I guess I'm a kitchen tyrant. I love cooking for people, but not necessarily with people (unless those people are just there for a conversation. Then they can stay, as long as they sit at the counter and don't get in the way).

It's my kitchen, and I happen to have a very strong opinion about the way things should be done (the right way, of course:-)), and that includes actual cooking as well as organising things around. I don't want to look for a ladle or a colander all over the kitchen, I know where they are. Or I did until the OH emptied the dishwasher and put them elsewhere (don't even get me started on the dishwasher, I constantly have to re-arrange the dishes there or we would be running a full cycle for 3.5 plates and 2 bowls every time). I don't want to reach for cumin and wonder why there is garlic powder in its place. Kitchen Rule #1 says, "if you don't know where it lives, ask me!", but people tend to ignore that rule.

You want to help? There is always a table to be set and drinks to be poured. But don't get underfoot when I cook or mess with my stuff. It's my territory, and I'm the queen, the police and the jury, all in one.

What about you?


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