What's the best dinner anyone has ever cooked for you?

Last night my OH cooked for me.

He doesn't really cook. Granted, in the last 6 years, he's learnt how to make a good breakfast (which includes a killer sweet potato hash and scrambled or fried eggs - we haven't gotten to poaching yet), cook very decent pasta and make a sandwich exactly the way I want it. Yes, it took some guidance and patience (all right, lots of patience). As I said, he is not a "darling, I'll cook a gourmet dinner for you tonight" type. He certainly did not learn to cook growing up (my MIL's signature dish is "pineapple chicken": chicken pieces, tinned pineapple and a bottle of generic BBQ sauce, baked until thoroughly charred and painfully dry).

Which is precisely why last night's dinner was absolutely mind-blowing. Here's the menu (other than dessert, everything was made from scratch, sauces and all!):

-an amuse bouche of maple-seared scallop

-a salad of mixed greens with strawberries and raspberry-shallot vinaigrette, served in a bacon bowl

-prawn, scallop and crab ceviche (He served it in margarita glasses, which made for a lovely presentation)

-prosciutto wrapped prawns

-oven-baked crab cake with cocktail sauce

-seared tuna with sweet & spicy sauce, on a bed of julienned cucumbers

-"chocolate ecstasy" - yes, he bought it, but he bought the dessert for me: a thin layer of chocolate cake with a mound of dark chocolate mousse, encased in dark chocolate ganache - a chocolate ecstasy it was!

I cannot tell you how impressed, proud and flattered I was! Yes, he had a small glitch with the crab cakes - he forgot to spray the baking sheet with oil:-), and the sweet & spicy sauce could use a touch of soy sauce, but he does not cook! By his own admission, he was "way out of his comfort zone", which made it all the more impressive. And it was the most delicious, elaborate and thought-through dinner anybody has cooked for me in my adult life.

So, what's the best meal anyone has ever cooked for you?


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