What to feed to a big baby.

Once again I have to turn to the ever creative and very helpful serious eaters.

I am a personal assistant to a 23 year old professional online poker player. Among the many things I have been hired to do for him is cook him dinner 3 times a week. The meals have to last at least a couple of nights. It needs to be able to be zapped in the microwave or heat up on the stove top pretty quickly. HERE IS THE CATCH. When I met him I tried to get a sense of what he likes to eat and doesn't like to eat. He said "i'm picky about food the way kids are not the way adults are." To me that means if it looks funky he won't eat it. He says he doesn't like vegetables and especially not beans. He also doesn't know what he likes. I literally asked him what his last meal on earth would be and he said "I don't really think I'd care"!. I'm tearing my hair out trying to figure out what the F I am going to cook for this kid. I guess as time goes by I will get a better sense of what he likes and doesn't like since he doesn't seem to know. HELP!

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