Turkey..without an oven

Okay, I'm going to need a little help with this.

I'm currently living in Seoul, ROK, and I don't have an oven! I'm here through April, and frankly, I'm too lazy and cheap to buy a convection oven for 6 months. They're overpriced here and I'd have to find someone to buy it.

My dad is here this week and he has access to the commissary, where I spotted turkey breasts.

Now, here's where you guys can help me out:

I'm freezing them til Thanksgiving and want to make a small meal for me and a few friends, but I need stovetop turkey recipes!! I only have a 2 burner gas stove. No microwave (overrated), toaster, etc. I'm putting others in charge of sides, so I just need a way to make them taste as good as the whole baked turkey...or as close to it as possible.

Thanks! :)

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