Shake Shack UWS: The Airing of Grievances

As a huge Shake Shack fan, I made the trek up to the UWS this weekend to check out the new location. I know you're supposed to give new restaurants some time to work out kinks, but there were quite a few things that were off...

Although I know that Festivus is still a few months off, I present my airing of grievances:

- Hardly and cheese on my cheese fries. A few pumps from a nacho cheese machine....barely coated a few of the fries.

- The cheese on the cheese fries tasted like Nacho cheese? At the MSP location, the cheese is sort of a white-ish, ultra creamy sauce that coats everything nicely. This sauce tasted like straight up nacho cheese....

- The fries themselves were not crispy/crunchy. They were limp...and I even like the frozen fries at the other location.

- Hardly any shack sauce on the shackburger. Also, patty seemed not as juicy as the MSP location. I swear, I wasn't just trying to hate! My girlfriend had the same experience with hers..

- SO MANY KIDDOES. I know its kind of wrong to rip on this place for attracting lots of families, but me and my girlfriend were the only adults without kids, and spending 20 minutes in there was kind of akin to the craziness of Saturday afternoon at Chuck-e-Cheese. No joke. The MSP line is long, but at least the park is pleasent, and you don't have to dodge and duck out of the way of a bunch of tiny tykes.

- The spot was packed at 11:30 on a sunday (as to be expected), but somehow taking your meal to go and sitting on a bench outside of the Natural History Museum is just not as satisfying as sitting at a table in gorgeous MSP.

So, yeah, grumble, grumble, I'lll stick with the downtown location....Been to both locations Serioues Eaters? Any thoughts?


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