Serious Guinea Pigs or Serious Denial?

Researching eating habits

Researchers are conducting an experiment in the Netherlands that will reveal more about how we make food choices. Can you really taste the coffee? And organic milk?

Quoting the article:

"Put the same coffee in four mugs of different colors and ask people which is stronger. Men likely will point to the brown mug. Women are less likely to be fooled, Koster said.

For months, he said, customers bought milk from a vending machine. One day, the label was changed to indicate the milk was organic — prompting some people to comment that it tasted funny."

I wonder how many Serious Eaters would say they fall out of the realm of the study. That they can always taste the coffee and always the organic milk. I wonder how many of those participants would list him/herself as a 'serious' eater.


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