Pressure Cookery

Just bought our first pressure cooker! While I'm excited, I *do* have a gripe - and then two questions.

First, the gripe: The bulk of the recipes listed, require the use of a metal rack - but the thing doesn't come w/ a metal rack! I called the company - Mirro - thinking the rack hadn't been placed in the box but nope, you have to buy one separately! So I asked - where to get one? And the answer came - and I swear, this is verbatim - "Try Aubuchon, or Ace Hardware." Can you believe that? (BTW, neither my local WalMart, nor my local Lowe's, carries anything suitable.) The helpful person on the phone also suggested, "You could also try a metal trivet." So... we're cooking foods here using pressurized steam, and I should go out willy-nilly and just get a round rack or a metal trivet?

All of this leads to Question #1: Anyone know where I can find a *food-grade* rack that's about 7" in diameter? Or do I need to buy a smallish rectangular rack and then cut it to the size I need - keeping the center spine intact, of course?

And then we come to Question #2: Searching the SE Recipes area, I found only four pressure-cooker recipes. Anyone out there in SE Land have any tasty recipes for pressure cookers?

Much thanks to all!


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