If Obama were a cookie...

Ok, I have a little confession to make. On November 4, 2004 I made a batch of Laura Bush's Cowboy cookies and took them to work. I didn't tell anyone that the cookies had a political affiliation and, as we all know, Mrs. Bush's husband has ruled the country ever since. So, I think it's pretty obvious I have some sort of political cookie power. And in this election, I'd like to wield my power for good instead of evil.

So, I'm asking other Serious Eaters for help in coming up with an Obama cookie. Yes, I know Michelle Obama makes shortbread, but I'm looking for something a little cheeky. You know, maybe a play on black & white, hawaii, chicago, etc.

What kind of cookie would you make to support Obama? Or, to be bi-partisan, what kind of cookie is the Maverick?

I'll start. The first few ideas I had for an Obama cookie are:

- Sugar cookies with cream cheese icing, decorated with "Obama" "Change" and "Hope" - Black & White cookies - Whoopie pies

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