how to pull together a meal with disjointed courses

This is a very random question, but I made the mistake of offering my boyfriend ANY meal he wants for his birthday. He chose (I am so not kidding): 1. Maine-style lobster roll 2. Steak 3. Macaroni and cheese 4. Strawberry shortcake

I am going to make these all in small portions (almost tapas style) so we don't die or pass out during the meal from overeating.

The question is -- what can I possibly do for sides or appetizers in a meal with lobster, cheese, and steak? I guess anything green, but it all seems so unrelated that I'm having a hard time figuring out how to order the courses and make it have any kind of flow. I don't usually do meals with more than one or two courses so I'm open to any suggestions!! Much appreciated.


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