heirloom tomatoes in the large grocery stores

Has anyone had any luck with the heirloom tomatoes from the large chain food retailers? In So. Cal. they have shown up at a competitive price with the farmers markets , but I have as yet had one with much more flavor than a standard plastic genetically altered variety available at the large stores. Probably due to the fact they refrigerate them for transport and we all know what that does to a tomatoes flavor. Are they genetically engineering these beauties also ruining such a delicious fruit/veggie ( whichever the "experts" have decided they are this week ). I have found also that the starter plants from the nurseries have very little taste improvement over the store bought standards, are these from altered stock too? I will start my own from seeds this next season mostly heirlooms, but also try the early girl and beefsteaks to see if the seed stock is plastisized.


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