Gross Out Food Moment

I adore Serious Eats and everyone who posts here. We always discuss delicious food and excellent recipes, but let's face it: There's gross food out there.

I'm not just talking about food that we dislike or try to avoid, I'm talking about a food experience that still lingers in your brain and makes you dry heave. I have a couple ...

Despite being terribly young at the time I still remember it as if it were yesterday. My aunt on my father's side was babysitting me. She didn't know a word of English, which was a language I didn't have a firm grasp on either given the fact that I was just a tiny kid not even in school yet. She always spoke to me in Spanish and fed me delicious Mexican food. One day at lunch she sits me down in front of a huge sandwich, like bigger than my head. She keeps saying, "Lengua, es lengua ..." And I'm like, "Huh?" She makes me eat just about all of it. I cried the whole time; the taste was weird, the texture was spongy, it was NASTY. Later that day my dad told me I ate a cow tongue sandwich.

Then there was the time I ate a brain taco ....

Then there was the time I was living with my grandpa and he convinced me to eat an Oscar Meyer headcheese sandwich- I don't even want to get into that one (out of fear of throwing up).

You get the idea. What's your gross food moment?

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