Foodie...but with allergies

I found out on Monday that my lifetime of feeling bad was not bad health but eating some foods that my body is intolerant of and some food allergies. My doctor has advised a sort of detox diet where I clear my system of all the foods that are problematic for three months...then I can bring some of them back in on a limited basis but never like I used to eat. So for three months I can have nothing with cows milk, wheat, oats, and more in it. Probably for the rest of my life I cannot have anything with corn in it (corn syrup, corn starch, any type of corn derivative). Basically, I can have almost all fruits, vegetables, and meat. As the week has gone on I am feeling better about life...I am begining to see my foodie sense heightened because of my need for flavorful, good food. I have a feeling that my love for food and its possibilities will increase but in the mean time: If you have an allergy or know someone else that does, how do you deal?


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