Best dish you've had at a restaurant

I went out for dinner last night to celebrate an anniversary, and the restaurant was a huge hit! Everything I ate was amazing. I had "12 oz. Beef Tenderloin bone-in filet with blue cheese gratin, glazed carrots, foie gras and cabernet butter". For dessert, I had "maracibo chocolate souffle and tatian vanilla bean souffle with bailey’s sabayon and fresh berries in grand marnier". I have to say that one of these items was the best thing I've ever eaten in a restaurant: the "blue cheese gratin". The potatoes were deliciously tender, the cheese soft and creamy and tangy, and I was just in heaven. Usually my steak is the best part of my meal, but in this case even though the steak was really great, the side really stole the show. Even the delicious chocolate souffle couldn't stop me wishing I had just one more bite of those potatoes. So now the question. What is the one best food item you've eaten at a restaurant?


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