What is your worst cooking disaster hosting a dinner party?

When I was in my 20's I hosted a chili party. I made the sauce by hours of references of different chili recipes made a huge amount of sauce, simmered it for 3 days, went the whole nine yards, (Martha Stewart would have been proud). I decided that I was going to use the dry beans (never used them before, always used canned). Soaked them overnight, the morning of the party the beans were still hard as stones. So stupid me thought I will throw the beans in with the sauce and turn the heat up and by party time they will be soft. Not only did beans never get soft the chili sauce burned on the bottem of the pan and stirring it just made the whole thing have this scortched taste to it. There was no way to save this mess at this point and friends were already arriving. I was so angry at myself, but my dear friends insisted on eating it anyways, crunchy beans, scortched sauce and all. I made sure I had alot of beer on hand lol.


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