So, my oven is dead.

Seems the thermostat on my 15 year old Kenmore gas oven has fried. Last night's baked chicken was a real challenge since the oven never went out of pre-heat mode and thought it was only 250 degrees all the time.

Now I am shopping for a new range. It must be gas and free-standing. I think I can manage to relocate the fridge to another wall which would allow me to go for a bigger range with a large capacity or double oven situation. Heck, as long as I'm at it, I may just get a new fridge or they won't match as I really want to go over to stainless steel.

I am looking at GE Profile today online. If I had more money and more room, I'd go for Viking or such but that's not possible. I'd like to kep the cost for both a stove and fridge to under $3500. I don't really care about ice makers or water dispensers on the fridge but I do want a sealed cooktop and self cleaning oven on the stove. I cook everyday.

I'd love to hear your reviews and advice.


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