Rescue food from the depths of the cupboard!

Bear with me here, this is kind of a weird situation. My roommate and I are pretty good about not overbuying at the grocery store. We have differing food preferences and keep pretty different schedules so we're not cooking together very often.

Somehow over the two years we've lived in our apartment, our food cupboard has become overstocked with pastas, canned beans, sauces, and other nonperishables. The cupboard is a bit too high for proper perusal and too deep to reach into without a footstool. After most trips to the store, things pretty much get pushed to the back, or nearly teeter on the edge of the shelf.

How do I keep things organized? How do I get through all this food? Do I clean it out, take inventory, and keep a list tacked on the wall? What do you do with all your random perishables in the dark corners of the cupboard?


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