Others using your blog content for their blog-help!!

I'm hoping I can get a good sense of how to handle this situation. I recently covered the openening of a cupcake store opening in my area. I interviewed the owners, took photos and bought a few cupcakes (fabulous!). I then posted about it on my blog. Shortly after, someone who runs a cupcake blog contacted me via email and asked if she could use a photo. I said yes, and she properly attributed the photo and other blog content to me with the permalink. Today, I see another cupcake blogger in my area has used every single one of the photos from my post, reading that the photos are from The Houndstooth Gourmet, and the content of my post is used for her post (embelished with some other commentary) with no credit to me as the source of her facts, and no link. I would like to know how other bloggers deal with this situation. I would like to be professional and act as a colleague, but clearly draw the line about using the content of another's blog without credit or permission. Does anyone have a common commons license? Disclaimers? Thanks so much!! My blog post in question: http://houndstoothgourmet.com/lavender-moon-cupcakery-116-south-royal-street-in-old-town-alexandria/

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