I'm talking TOFU throwdown here people - help me out!

So my carnivore husband came home for a couple of weeks (he works out in Alberta, comes home every 2 months or so - I live in Ontario). Where he works, he eats in a cafeteria style place where they offer a wide array of what sounds like great food (which is good, because my man can EAT). The place always offers veggie options, as many of the young people (this is a mountain-located hotel that attracts university aged students as seasonal workers) are vegetarian. But the gal who runs the place (a friend of my hubby) is adamant that the food be nutritious and as a result, most of the veggie options incorporate tofu. Amazingly enough, my husband tells me he is now interested in exploring tofu as an ingredient. After I picked myself up off the floor, I panicked. I've been veggie, I'm now firmly omnivore, but I've never developed a "taste" for tofu. I've read about it, served it to my milk-allergic daughter when she was an infant (then I discovered she was actually allergic to soy too! All in the past now), and picked around it in pad Thai - that's about it.

But I'm there - I want to create the ultimate tofu challenge for a meal when my man returns in November. His children are absolutely horrified by the idea of tofu - so I have a tough room. But I want to showcase different tofu types in different dishes and see if we can't become a more veggie family.

Help me SEs!


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