I'm so old that I remember (food style)...

On reading the 'Boo!' thread, I started to feel a bit creaky at the joints. I realized--hey, I'm so old I remember when little old ladies used to give out apples (gasp) unwrapped (and usually pennies spooned from a bowl)--although these were confiscated for nonexistent razor blades.

And when McDonald's coupons were given out for Halloween, without irony, because they were 'healthier' than candy because 'they didn't contain sugar'

I'm also old enough to remember....

When there were only two flavors of Pop tarts, strawberry and blueberry, and they came 6 rather than 8 to a pack.

The 'old' Chicken McNuggets, all of which came in the same 6 symmetrical shapes

When ice cream treats from school cost a quarter.

Old enough not to be able to identify most cartoon characters on sugary cereal boxes today.

Old enough to remember when cereal had 'good' prizes inside, like Matchbox cars, new candy bars, and whistles and other plastic toys filled with wonderful parts toddlers could choak on.

Old enough to remember that, other than Special K or Raisin Bran, even most adult cereals and granola bars weren't touted for having antioxidants/high fiber/low carb/low calorie properties.

And old enough to have a grandmother who still called the refrigerator an "ice box" and could remember a milk man leaving bottles on her front door.

So, what is your 'food age'?

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