Help me pack my lunch, please - a Super Challenge.

I am in desperate need of easy ideas for lunches for me + bf, but this is a special challenge. We work full-time days and are full-time students at night, so:

1) No fuss! I get home at 11pm, and get up for work at 7am. 2) Travels somewhat well - especially smashed under a 1500 page textbook in my book bag. 3) Reasonable cost - it must justify taking the time to pack lunch instead of buying. 4) This can include a meal I make on Sundays to portion out for the week, but it has to be something that keeps well and fits in a TINY fridge. 5) I live in Queens, so I have access to all possible produce/goods. Go light on the meat, though.

I am INCREDIBLY tired of pasta salad and PBJs, and I don't cook dinners anymore, so no tasty leftovers from the night before.



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