Has anyone ever heard of an Italian "Christmas" pizza?

Over Labor Day weekend 2008, I caught part of a Food Network show on types of pizza. One place they went, showed how to make a "traditional" pizza they claim is normally baked only @ Christmastime. It's a rectangle-pan pizza (pan is oiled first), and the dough - a very simple yeast/flour/water dough - is made to rise twice rather than once before it's pressed into the pan. Then a heavy tomato sauce is ladled on, then mozzarella, and then a 2nd pan is placed atop the pie. In the pizzeria, it's baked for only a few minutes. Then it's removed, additional toppings are added, and it's put back in, but now without its lid. My grandmother made many kinds of pizza, but neither I nor any of my cousins have ever heard of this one. It may be called a "sphignone" or "sfignone" or something like that. (I read through your List of Regional Pizza Styles, but nothing looked like it. Googling brings no results; Googling "Christmas pizza" brings up dessert pizza. This is *definitely not* a dessert pizza!!


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