Greek Yogurt - Recommendations?

I know Fage is definitely a cult favorite among the food loving community, and having tried it for the first time recently, I can definitely see why. It's super thick and creamy - almost like eating dollops of creme fraiche or something equally indulgent.

However, I'm not made of money - it is definitely not on the cheap side. I'm not sure yet if my local Costco carries it (I got the one-serving 7oz for $1.99 at TJ's).

So I was wondering, are there any other brands of Greek yogurt that are similar in taste/texture to Fage that are not quite so expensive? I've heard good things about the TJ's house brand, but haven't tried it yet...

(Or maybe someone can tell me how much the big containers at Costco cost/somewhere else I can get Fage cheap? I'm on the west coast...)

Thanks :)


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