"Fake" Danish Aeble Kage?

So my sister in law is Danish and I am always begging her to make (a)ebelskiver, the yummy Danish pancakes. We have a joke that when I was little, I thought they were apple related and would always ask for "the apple things".

For Christmas this year as a joke, she INSTEAD gave me the fixings for Aeble Kage--which translated I guess means Apple Cake. The fixings were: Amaretti cookies, apple sauce, and an airline sized bottle of Amaretto liqueur--all arranged in a trifle bowl. Her instructions said to layer the apple sauce, and amaretti cookies with whipped cream and drizzle with the Amaretto.

Maybe it was just the liqueur, but I found this to be a (strangely) good combo! I wouldn't necessarily make this for guests again, but I have found myself combining these ingredients for dessert for myself!

Has anyone ever heard of this dessert before? When I did a search online for Able Kage recipes, I found mostly cake recipes....except for one that called for layering apples, whipped cream and bread crumbs, which sounded pretty similar to me.

I am just extremely curious to find out if this is a common dessert, or unique to my sister-in-law's family?


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