Do Squash emit Glue?

Ok, so squash is one of those foods that I never seem to like, but I think that if I cook it just so, I might. Every year I buy a new one, and today, I cut up a butternut from the farmers market.

I peeled it, and cut it up, and then tossed all of peels into the compost bucket. I went to wash my hands, and my left hand (the one that I was holding said squash with) seems to be covered in a glue like substance. In fact, it feels like I have covered it in elmers glue. I have washed my hands 5 times, and it doesn't seem to be going away.

Am I a) crazy, b) a victim of a malicious squash attack (and crazy) c) covered in some sort of common squash slime (and crazy) or d) having an allergic reaction (or chemical/ingredient interaction)?


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