Complete Cooking Funk

The last few dishes I prepared were more of a chore than a pleasure. I have had zero desire to spend time in my kitchen. I would love some refreshing ideas on preparing seasonal veggies as well as chicken, steak and seafood.

I want to get back the feeling of excitement about cooking. Because of this funk, we have been eating out way too much! Not a solid long term plan. Sure, I've still enjoyed the banter on SE, but I have had absolutely nothing to contribute.

I am grilling scallops tomorrow (thanks Butrflygirly). I bought a new bottle of white truffle olive oil today. I can't even come up with a decent side dish!

Please remember I don't bake or use my oven. I grill all year long. Seriously, am I crazy? Can I be helped? There is no place else for me to turn.

Signed, Sad in the Suburbs


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